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How To Prepare For The Forth Coming NANOWRIMO 2018

The purpose of the NANOWRIMO camp is to help you set up a goal and pursue it to the end. The purpose of the camp is to bring writers together who can set their goal and make sure they have accomplished what they have set. In Order to make sure you are successful in the camp; you need to make some preparations. The report will give you some of the things that you are supposed to do before you go to the camp to ensure success. You need to read through and make your arrangements.

The first thing you need to do is to understand why you want to write. Before you understand what prompts you, it will not be easy for you to set a goal and stay motivated. If you do not seek to know why you are likely you hit a rock on the way. As you come across things that draw you back, it is important to remember your primary motivation. It is essential you keep your focus on those things that motivate you. It takes an individual to know where the motivation lies.

Also in order to progress well you need to make sure you do some housework. A much as people will love to hear they are superheroes; no one is a superhero. That means you will have to make some arrangements o that you can use your day well. An individual will have to know what needs to be prepared in advance. May be you have to adjust your meals in advance so that you can dedicate all the time for writing and editing.

The other thing that you need to do is to set specific days for writing. Although there are people who are good in writing every day, not every can. For those who cannot write every day, they are supposed to plan the month. You have to make sure you have planned time for writing, and you work towards that.

The other thing you need so much is support from other people. If you are living with other people like family members, make sure you tell them your goal and your writing times. Let the people know your writing time and let them assist you on that. You may also want to ask for some assistance from the writing community. You may need a writing coach or someone whom you can rely on to correct you without preservation. Something else that is important, is to be pro-active. It will pay you when you give yourself some other writing the month before when you are writing next month. Though it may be calling for some hard-working, it will pay later.

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