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There are Many Ways to Save on Airport Parking Expenses

Traveling by air often means leaving a car in an airport parking lot for a day or more. While it may be practical to do this, it can often be very expensive, especially if you want to park as close to the terminal as possible. Believe it or not, it is possible to park without going into debt to do so. By using budget travel ideas, one can find coupons and discounts to reduce the cost of parking near an airport when going away on a trip.


One of the first things to do before venturing out for a flight is to compare prices for the various lots around the airport. Off-site lots usually have the lowest rates because they are farther away from the airport. This means an off-site lot may be the best option when looking to save as much money as possible. Once the lowest priced lot has been determined, try seeing if a coupon is available online to reduce the cost even further.


Just like using coupons for grocery items, coupons for area merchants can also help to save money. Some parking facilities will try to entice customers with coupons to reduce the overall cost. This can really add up to big savings when a coupon is used at the cheapest lot in the area. Combining a coupon with a deal, such as a discounted rate for parking multiple days in a row or a hotel incentive package, can stack the savings even more.

Hotel Incentives

Sometimes, it’s necessary to stay overnight at an airport hotel to avoid missing a flight. Try researching, before making a reservation to see if any hotels near the airport offer a package deal for an overnight stay plus free parking in a lot nearby. This can help to eliminate the cost of parking altogether and leave more cash available for the trip.

There are many ways to save money when parking a vehicle in an airport parking lot. Rather than simply paying the full rate, take a few minutes to look for coupons, discounts, and other incentives that may be offered before selecting a place to park. The savings can really add up, and that extra cash may come in handy for other things.